HighLevel CRM vs. Pebble - User Experiences?

Is anyone using HighLevel CRM? Any comparisons to Pebble?

@jhb-0 I’ve heard of it but never used it.

I think it might be similar to Podio in that, by itself, it doesn’t do anything until you tell it what to do. If that’s true, if you’re a land investor, and and if you’re looking for a turnkey CRM option, you might need to look closer at something like Pebble which is built for land investors.


@jhb-0 Was nice to finally jump on a call with you last week! So for those who don’t know, HighLevel is a CRM system and while Pebble has CRM elements, it really is a central command center for your entire land business.

the biggest thing is the fact that Pebble is Property Data centric where a CRM is lead centric.

what’s the big deal?

Well in land we deal with properties in the entire deal cycle, from acquiring, doing something with the property (Forced Appreciation, Subdividing, Marketing, etc), to dispositions. The initial lead is not the thing we shoudl be centering on, it’s the property record that goes through the entire cycle.

Pebble does become your source of truth for your property data record.

Ultimately, this makes it so easy to create repeatable processes, gives the team clarity on how to keep data and information about property, and to even build out automations.

Check out this video I did recently to explain this.

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@jessey awesome, and thanks again for speaking with me the other day. I appreciate the insight.

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