How do you show your land remotely?

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So if you hire a realtor, then obviously they would be accompanying prospective buyers to visits to the land so they can see it in person. But what if you’re not using an agent? I don’t want them walking on the property (especially without liability insurance), and the street requires a gate code to get in. I’m wondering what people normally do: do you tell people “feel free to drive by it, but don’t walk on it”? Seems hard to enforce remotely. But almost all my prospective buyers want to go see it in person (can’t blame them).



Really? You could use Google Earth Pro to record a video of the property.

Expecting your buyers to buy the property without being able to walk around and check it out is unrealistic unless:

  1. The property is so small that they can see the entire thing from the street
  2. It’s one of the rare sight-unseen buyers.

We provide MapRight maps for all of our buyers to be able to easily locate and walk the property.

If you’re particularly concerned about the liability of having someone on your property unaccompanied then I would have them sign a waiver and/or obtain the necessary liability insurance.

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@retipsterseth THANK YOU!

@rmiller1291 “Go check it out, call me with any questions while you’re there.”