How many mailers did it take you before you saw a payoff?

This is not to ask “how much do I have to spend before I can get rich and buy a lambo”, but more to understand when you started the land investing journey, and how much money you put in before you saw returns. Everyone’s journey is different, but I wanted to at least set some reasonable expectations for what I’ll need to put into this to at least make my money back or more (since I’m new, and definitely not rich)

@land_master hey im new to the business too! feel free to reachout so we can talk about our challenges together.

@land_master ideally though, its a numbers game. you gotta play to win. no mail is no deals. the deals will come at their own time sooner or later but the mailing numbers all average out in the end.

@land_master it might be not your case, but it’s very possible that, at some point, you will find yourself thinking something like: “ok…it’s this much time I’m doing this much and so far I didn’t become profitable yet: is it really worthy? How long before I will see tangible results?”. That is the moment when you will decide whether you are going to quit or trust the process. And the path that you will take at that point might be the most important decision of your life. My 2 cents: let the others quit :sunglasses:


@land_master my experience is pretty different than others… so I would expect less because you are learning. I am an acquisitions manager for another land investor so I have a good bit of experience landing deals. Everyone’s start up cost is different, I had a few grand in my biz. Less than 5K but right now I couldn’t tell you a better estimation. Anyway, I sent 1090 pieces of mail, I got 4 willing to sell. I did double closes on 3 (one still closing actually, to close in 3 days), and passed the 4th along to someone with more money lol! From the 3 I closed I made right under $24,000. I fully expect to have failed mailers, I got pretty lucky on my first honestly. And I have more experience than most starting out so that gave me better odds in negotiating a deal. But all in all I’d say if you do your research you’re likely to land a deal in your first 5000 pieces of mail sent. I’d say your first 1000 if you do well, but everyone has growing pains so conservatively I’d say first 5000. If you go beyond that without a deal I’d seriously look into your process and figure out what you’re doing wrong.

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@randi 5000 seems like a good call. We landed our first deal on our first mailer of 1500 but we didn’t make much on it. Great learning experience and helped us build a local team. Now we can count on about 1 to 2 signed PAs per 1500 mailers and we’ve found our counties. Currently improving our judgement on solid deals—rather than getting starry eyed. If anyone working in TN/KY wants to chat, feel free to message.

20 hand written letters
4 reply’s
One wanted retail
One thought it was worth much more (sentimental value)
One willing to hand over for backed taxes
Bought the last one for $10. (Market value of $1500-$2000)