How should we set up our email names?

Hello all. Working on branding currently.

Our LLC will be crabtreelandproperties - and the buying portion of the business. Our selling arm will be neuseriverlandproperties.

For our email address, what do you recommend? I’d like to keep our real names out of it. So they should be “something@crabtreelandproperties” and “something@neuseriverlandproperties”-- what would you recommend for the “something”?

Thanks and looking forward to getting going!


@cindy-francies my 2 cents: keep it as easy as possible. If you have to pass it on the phone to someone who’s not provided with internet or email (hell yes, they still exist​:roll_eyes:…) you take the unnecessary risk they do not understand it correctly. It happened to me…well…there’s also to say that my 100% Italian accent sure didn’t help :joy:
For my selling side (still to be built), sure i will use name@“initials”.com (ex: [email protected]).
Good luck!

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Hi @Cindy-Francies - “info@” is a generic email name that is typically used by business websites to field responses to general inquiries. It is also the main one that I use for my website.

Some other notable ones that I’ve seen are: “team@” and “office@”.

When I started earlier this year, I created a fictional persona (let’s call him John Doe) and put his name on all my mailers and in the signature of emails sent by “info@”. When people emailed in and the fictional John Doe successfully negotiated them to accept the offer, I would forward the email to “tyrone@” to close the deal.

I wanted to keep my name out of it as much as possible as well. This worked, but it became too much mental overload for me having to juggle personas. People would also call in expecting to speak to John Doe…

Eventually you will have to sign documents with your name anyway. Depending on your state, your name may be publicly attached to your LLC, and I’ve had people look up by business via public records search on the internet to find my name and mention me directly.

I now do blind offers which have my real name on it and find it far easier to operate while just being me. Just my 2 cents.


I would agree with @Arturo on keeping it simple. I hate to say it, but crabtreelandproperties and neuseriverlandproperties both seem overly complicated to type out (I had to double check it myself when writing out this forum reply to make sure I spelled it right). It would be very easy to mess that up, which would result in you not getting whatever emails people are trying to send to you.

Even if the name has nothing to do with land, real estate, or the purpose of your business, simplicity can cover a multitude of sins. The fewer characters a person has to type out and the less work they have to do to remember your name, the better.


@arturo yeah thanks. I decided on [email protected] . Simple! (We live across the street from Lake Crabtree…)

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@mattpayne I hear you. Our last name (shoot, even my maiden name are too unusual to use “Francies”, “Brandt”…We live in an area with a lot of lakes and rivers, and live across the street from Lake Crabtree so I went with that. I’m not sold on Neuse (another major river but weird spelling.) That’s a dba I think I’ll work on some more. thanks.