How to calculate property taxes for land in each state

I just tried it out on my home's assessed value and it was completely inaccurate. I wish I only had to pay $341 annually on my assest home valued at 340,000. My annual taxes vary year to year but its close to $2,ooo per year.

That calculator seems to be aimed more at selling ad space than giving a helpful, realistic property tax assessment. It's not all that surprising, as there are a lot of state-specific variables that would factor into the final number, and it would be pretty darn difficult for one source to actually account for all those things reliably.

In some states, I've been able to find a MUCH more reliable calculator (created by the state itself), which typically goes a lot further than this sort of thing... but even then, it's not guaranteed to be accurate.

Here's one example from Michigan.

I found it by googling: michigan county property tax calculation

Might be worth a try in whatever state you're looking at, just replace "michigan" with the relevant state.

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@Leah-Petrosius I tried again and the tax calculation turned out to be accurate.

@retipsterseth Ah yes. I can see how if I knew which state I was going to for land investing, I would look at that state's tax assessment. However, know the state first has been my challenge. I was looking at the as sort of "taking the side door" approach to help my interest in an affordable state, shall I end up holding onto it for awhile. My thoughts on that is, learning just to get a Tax D Roll is taking me lots more research than I thought, so I can only imagine what I'll have to put into the next phase of closing a deal..........etc after that. Not only that, I'm finding myself stretching my wings far beyond what I used the internet for my life before. There are layers upon layers of interaction practice I've been engaging in. I realized today that for my sanity and confidence not to beat myself down, I will keep a sheet at the front of my binder logging what I learned each day. That could be 7-20 or more different new things each week! I thought that was insightful

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