How to De-risk losing seller contacts, when mass texting.

The thing about many of these texting services is that the phone number they provide to you isn’t yours and you can’t port it to another service.

Why is that an issue?

If the service you’ve been relying on suddenly shuts down, all of your valuable conversations, connections and hot leads vanish into thin air with it.

And that’s not necessarily a small risk.

Mass texting exists in sort of a regulatory grey area and there are plenty of ways for the phone number you were provided to go kaput, like:

  • A carrier blocking the phone number with their spam filters

  • The service provider being banned because of violating terms of service

  • You being banned as a user for a violation – even if unintentional

The idea here isn’t to scare you out of mass texting, it’s to highlight the importance of moving the conversation to your own number.

You may be thinking, wait a second, how am I supposed to explain the abrupt change in phone numbers to a lead? Won’t that make them suspicious?

If you do it the wrong way, yes.

On the flipside, you can use the opportunity to create a deeper connection with them and build more trust.

Pro Tip: Here’s how you can use the number change to your benefit:

“Hi John, this is my personal number, the number we initially connected on was my company line which my entire team has access to. I’d love to continue our conversation here with my number”.

In a couple of sentences, you’ve established credibility, shown the lead respect and created trust by giving them your personal number.

BTW - Moving the lead/seller should be something you should automate as well with a few different tools.

I’ve used outside services for the outreach, and when they get a qualified lead they send me the info. They also text the seller “ok I’m going to have my boss get in touch with you, his name’s Scott, would you prefer he call you, or text?”

Then I take it from there for final qual’s and closing.

btw I also get the full crm notes etc from the entire campaign so I have the skip traced numbers, the call notes, replies etc.

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@scottbraden thats a great way to be proactive about that. I love that.

I like to typically just text from my privately and personally let them know that it’s my private number.

I break more of this down here: