How to find a land parcel on google maps with no address?

I am looking into a few properties listed for tax sale in a certain county. There isn’t a GIS, just property cards for this county. How do I locate the parcel on Google earth/maps, if you only have the property card, no address (Map ID, legal description, etc…)?

What do you mean by property cards? Are you using a data service to view these?

Like @amybreen said, I’m not sure what a ‘property card’ is or what information that gives you, but if you can get the owner’s name or parcel number, it’s pretty easy to look up the property that way with most data services.

If you can get the coordinates, that’s another easy way. You can put those numbers into Google Earth and find the location that way.

Or if all else fails, you could get the address of the property next-door, plug that into Google Earth and then figure out where that property sits relative to the one you’re looking for.

If none of those ideas work, you can find some other options in this blog post:
4 Easy Tricks to Find the Size, Shape, Location & Dimensions of Your Land

@armesstorage I think I know what you mean. Some counties have an online database with “property record cards.” I much prefer the raw data/spreadsheets to the cards though.

If you have a parcel # you can paste it into regrid .com which is free and lets you get an initial feel for the property.

Super helpful, appreciate the responses. In terms of property cards, I was just looking at the property records on the local county website where the property is located. I’m a storage operator, and have started to poke around in land investing. I was looking into a delinquent tax sale, and some of the properties seem challenging to locate. I will look into the resources you provided. Thanks. FYI - this is the property I was looking at if interested: Hibid