How to find land/lots that allow tiny homes?

Have been looking for areas where I could buy from 3-5 acres (in rural or urban area outskirts) for a tiny home/small cabin IF there is no existing homestead, with the ability of putting more tiny homes, etc. on in the future as airbnbs. If ag exempt, so much the better. Am not a realtor, and in going through website listings find that when getting details about a property other than if existing utilities are there that so much time is wasted in finding out the zoning of the property (what is allowed, the square footage required, etc) from the listing agent. So many listings these days have either an HOA or a set square footage size required to build. Once I get the parcel number, would contacting the county assessor each time (if they don’t have records online) be the quickest route to take?

@timeless are you just looking for properties already zoned for this intended use? If so, you could start with the assessor. You could also try finding an existing property that is already implementing this and figure out how it is zoned and any other specifics about it, and then reverse engineer it by using similar filtering criteria in DataTree when you’re pulling your next list.

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Hi Dan

I have some general thoughts. Tiny homes are very local in nature I would approach it from manufacturer; building code inspectors assns. I don’t know what state you are considering, but here goes:

  • I would approach it from the other end of the project. go to the manufacturers and find out what states do they deliver to and focus that way.

  • also they can give you design features so you can estimate costs, etc.

  • I would do a broad based article search and go that way it should give you states/municipalities that permit them. then focus on those states and areas.

Just some thoughts. Hope that helps. I know Florida is one state but it is a municipal control issue.

Good luck.