how to find the most recent satellite imagery

Handy flowchart to satellite images:

@scottbraden nice flowchart! Thanks for sharing that here.

It reminds me of this website my general contractor told me about a couple of weeks ago called Eagle View. It’s an alternative way to get bird-eye images of a property. It’s used by different industries to get highly-accurate measurements of houses and buildings and to inspect properties.

This isn’t satellite imagery, though. It’s taken from an airplane from four different angles to give you a different perspective than a satellite.

I ordered some photos recently just to see what came back. The images I got were a couple of years old (the age of the photos depends on your area and how often they fly through and snap new pictures), so it may or may not be helpful.

It cost me $15 for the pictures, and the images I got weren’t very recent in my case, so, not crazy expensive, but also not helpful for what I needed. In my case, satellite imagery probably would’ve done the trick, but if you need something more recent, they may be able to help out.

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