How to Purchase Land When Co-owner is Deceased, No Heirs

Hello team! I Have vacant land deal, owner is 85 years old and trying to sell me her property who she owned with her late husband (still on deed). She claims they no longer have heirs and everyone they knew together has passed away. Is there any way around this?

Property is in Texas.
Owner lives in Arizona.

Please send me info on any attorneys that may be able to help with this.

@ramrodd I’m not totally sure how this works in Texas, but in most states where a husband and wife co-own a property as joint tenants, all you should need is an original copy of the husband’s death certificate. You can send this in along with the deed from the surviving wife and all of his rights in the property transfer to her, and her signature is the only one you’ll need.

This isn’t legal advice though. Check with a Texas title company to make sure this is how it works there. I hear Texas has some differences compared to other states.