How to reduce returned mailers?

I send out yellow postcards to lists I get from DataTree. I have a PO box set up for my business and I am getting a large number of returned mailers. How are people handling making sure the list you pay for are accurate, so that you aren’t wasting money sending mail pieces to incorrect addresses?

@jonesmatr is it safe to assume you used a mailing service that allowed you to easily remove the non-standard and undeliverable mailing addresses? I know some services will make this easier and more clear-cut than others.

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@retipsterseth I use Click2Mail. Is that a feature they offer?

@jonesmatr yep. You can pretty easily remove these with Click2Mail. See this video, starting at around the 13:22 timestamp:


@retipsterseth Thank you! That was what I was looking for.

@retipsterseth I also got a lot back using Pebble. Any tips for that platform? Thx!

@danielle I can’t speak to Pebble at this point. @Jessey might have some insight on that one though.

@danielle we do already run Verified Mailing on our end and also go through to mail out any changes of address. Shoot me an email, let’s have a deeper look at yours!

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@jonesmatr you can always check out something like our mailing at

We do a few things to essentially help you from wasting $ on a mailing campaign.


Excellent. I’m not sure of the percentage. I’ll check for sure since my first campaign has ended. I figured there was a normal percentage.
Thanks Jessey! I’m am loving Pebble more everyday. You and your team are truly unbelievable!

@jonesmatr Are you sending your mail first class? Personally, we only use first-class for very small “in-house” mailings, or when we need to “prime the pump” and fill up our inbound funnel due to the slower delivery time for standard-class. Otherwise, use’s Listware Excel plugin, send your mail standard-class, and forget about the returned mail. Postage is the single largest cost in direct mail, and you’re spending an extra ~$0.20 per mailer by sending it first class. Using @Jessey’s REI Conversion, which has the BEST a la carte pricing you’ll find anywhere, you can send 28% more mail for the same amount of money by sending your mail standard class as opposed to first class. That 28% will be MUCH higher if you are using other print houses that charge more for smaller jobs or sending the mail yourself.


@jonesmatr I have the same problem. I have returns with street address and the return says no such street. How do we know? Or no such number is another one. I used Data tree also. It seems to me we have to go through the list with a fine comb and still won’t be able to avoid some returns… I have so far 10% or more returns from my list. I find it interesting that the counties could have that many mistakes on their records.

Most mail services have the ability to identify and remove any non-standardized or undeliverable addresses, it’s just a matter of making sure those are actually removed before you pay for them and they’re dropped in the mail.

However, in my experience, even if you do this, it won’t solve the problem entirely.

Like @dennis said, I also find it surprising that some counties would have so much bad information, but it is what it is. The only other step is to spend a ton of time skip tracing these people. @karljames has a great article about how to do that effectively:

@dennis I did what Seth recommended when using Click2Mail and it helped eliminate many, but not all, returned mailers. I would say that alone dropped my return mailers percentage in the single digit range.

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