How to search the entire USA on LandWatch

I’m very new to land flipping and I’ve just started looking at, is there a way to search the entire USA without having to put each individual state in the search filter? Thanks

@jimthorne34 I'm not sure about LandWatch, but I know you can filter and search by an entire state on Zillow (it's not the entire U.S. - but you could just go state-by-state until you find what you want). In the address bar, just type in your state name (instead of specifying an exact address, city, county or zip code), set the other filtering criteria and hit search.

It's actually a pretty simple and creative way to find the cheapest stuff among a certain property type throughout a huge area, especially if you fully utilize the "Price" tab and the "More" tab (you can type in keywords that you want to show up in the listings, and select special attributes).

Granted... Zillow doesn't account for every property out there, but it's still a pretty big hub where you''ll find a lot of it.