Hey everyone, I'm new and just learning about land flipping. I've done several things in real estate and just trying to find the niche that I actually enjoy. Over the past several years I've tried...

- Wholesaling

- Bird Dogging

- Being a licensed realtor (absolutely not for me)

- Private lending (have had success with this due to the relationships I've built up over the years)

So now I'm here and seeing if this is something that I may like or be good at. For context I work a full time W2 job. I've always been a blue collar guy but I got smart with saving my money and budgeting and it has paid off with private lending. I enjoy that for the most part because it is fairly hands off after the initial due diligence.

Becoming a private lender for land flippers maybe something I'd be interested in but that takes time and relationship building so if you are interested in that just reach out to me and we can start down that path.

As for flipping land myself, I'm going to continue to learn and see if this is something I'd do a direct mail campaign to test the waters in my state (South Carolina). I guess the question that I have is how do you go about getting delinquent tax info for land? I've searched around on the counties websites around me and can't really find anything about that.

@Tracy-S Welcome! Sounds like you have done quite a bit. Seth has a lot of blog articles and youtube videos on the subject of delinquent taxes, you should check those out. Long and short of it you have to call the counties and talk to the tax commissioner or someone in that department and see if they would send you a list. It has to be in excel format or some other digital format that you can use. Some time the list is free most of the time you have to pay for it. Hope this helps.

Hey, thanks for summing it up. Yeah I have done a little of everything it feels like but really haven't made any money in doing so...ha, until I started doing some private lending for flippers here in my market. I have to admit though, I've built a great network of investors here over the years that I trust so that has been very beneficial. So I'm looking forward to continuing the networking for sure.