Husband Passed & Wife has agreed to sell property

I send out a blind offer letter campaign and got a response from a seller. Her husband has passed years ago and the property was in his name but she has agreed to sell the property and stated none of the children want to deal with it.

What is the best way to get this property transferred into her name so she can sell it to myself?

@ramrodd do you know how the lady and her husband held title to the property? Was it only titled in the husband’s name or both of their names? One way to figure this out (most of the time… assuming DataTree has this data available in your area) is to pull a Rapid Legal and Vesting Report.

It’s also important to figure out what the dower laws are in this state. In some states, a wife automatically becomes an owner of the property even if her name isn’t on the title, simply because she is married to the owner. As long as you’ve got the death certificate, you just need to get that recorded along with the deed when you record the transfer documents.

However, in other states, a wife doesn’t automatically become an owner. If she isn’t listed on the deed, she doesn’t own anything… so that’s why you’d want to figure out how it works in your state.

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@retipsterseth Thank you Seth! Im closing on this property in a couple of days. I went ahead and decided to go through a title company so they can handle all the proper documents. I will post an update on how it goes!

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