I am Soooo Over Pebble

I am completely over Pebble. What other CRMs do any of you use that work well. Because Pebble’s full integration has NOTHING working. I literally can’t do anything, I can’t even get my emails anymore. There has to be another way. Are there any tech folks that can help me undo what Pebble has done and then help me create my website?

@shavonbogan Is the tech team at Pebble not responding?

@lschultz the site doesn’t seem to function as smoothly as they say it does. They have responded quickly, but when I asked certain pointed questions I received no response. They messed up my website and emails, and now I just think they are really over priced. And paying $56 per month for a website is just giving money away.

Hi @shavonbogan

Jessey here, co-founder of Pebble.

Hmm something doesn’t sound right here - seems like you took all the right steps and still weren’t able to get this resolved. I’ll be personally looking into this.

I’ll personally reach out to you.

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@shavonbogan thanks for speaking with me on the call this morning!

Looking forward to having another chat with you this week to really help you understand what Pebble actually is.

@qjudge - agreed, Paul Brewer IS the man.

Pebble has worked pretty well for us so far. The only issue we’ve had is that photos no longer can be uploaded to properties since they removed the photo upload option.

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@sempervirens Hmm - photos can still be uploaded and infact we’ve just recently updated the ability to now attach mostly any file types. Here’s the article on that Property File Attachments - Pebble

File types now expanded to:
doc files, audio files, media files, photo files, and more.

Hope this helps!

@sempervirens I spoke with Jessey and we set up a call to fix some of the issues that I had. Thanks and Semper Fi.

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@shavonbogan glad we got to talk about and go over what Pebble brings to the table in terms of systemizing and streamlining Pebble. I take full responsibility for making sure our users find the value within the platform.

Glad we could turn this around and help you get setup and continue to help you get onboarded.

For those who are wondering, we’ve got tonnes of resources on getting to start with Pebble:

Pebble Success Guide (self course to get started with Pebble): www.pebblerei.com/success
Friday Group Training: www.pebblerei.com/mail-demo
DirtHacker Challenge (5 day intense on getting systemized without needing to be a Tech Whiz): www.dirthackerchallenge.com