I bet my latest DM reaction is worse than yours...

Yikes. Anyone seen worse? The offer wasn’t even that bad, either (maybe 35% of market?).

@lizzand wow, that’s bad enough that I’m wondering whether I should be censoring this post, lol.

I’ve seen many variations of this, both verbally and in the written word.

I guess a “bad” offer is all in the eye of the beholder. Most people would probably consider 35% of market value to be pretty darn offensive, but we’re not looking for most people. We’re looking for that small segment of society that doesn’t want their property or care much about it. Seems like this isn’t one of those people.


@retipsterseth Thanks Seth. It’s a relief to know I am not the only one. Lol indeed. No hard feelings if you take the post down. But perhaps it can serve as a “worst-case scenario” example of bad responses.

@lizzand This one is bad. Maybe not the worst-case scenario, but close. But as Seth said: Some people don’t need our help getting rid of their property, and I would add in this case: Sometimes, for some people there is no help at all. :hugging_face:

@lizzand Oh yes! I have had worse over the years. Much worse! But I also have had notes from people Blessing me and thanking me for solving one problem or another in their life by taking the burden of the land off their shoulders and helping them with much needed cash. One of those letters makes up for 50 of the bad ones as far as I am concerned.

@lizzand The reality is: look how vile this person is. I can’t imagine how he treats women. Some people have absolutely no ability to self reflect.

@lizzand LOL - I needed to see this - I guess I am not the only one who gets this nonsense. I sure have gotten a few juicy voicemails, lol - I say congratulations on your marketing effort - if we are not pissing someone off, we are NOT marketing enough! Best of luck :slight_smile: