If you could only have access to ONE social media platform, which would you choose?

If you were only allowed access to ONE social media platform (assuming you're into social media at all), which one would you choose?

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Something else

Leave your reply below and tell me WHY.

@retipsterseth, is the question related to houses, land, or personal use. I never used social media personally, but use FB. I don't like it, but I use it. :)

@PaulB - it's intended as an all-encompassing question. Whatever you use social media for (if anything), when you take all the possible uses into account (for both your personal and professional life), which one would be most important for you to have access to - if you could only choose one across-the-board.

@retipsterseth - I try to use Linked-In for my job as a Sales Engineer. The primary goal using it is for me to stay in touch with prospects and customers. People change positions and jobs, and linked-in lets me stay in contact.....if I made time for it more. Facebook is used primarily for your group as well as a few others. I learn and share on that.....but now we have this forum for retipster instead I guess. :)

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Facebook. Lots of land buyers on there, assuming you’re utilizing the groups and Marketplace for sales. But apparently the youngsters think only old people are on FB lol. Whatever though! Kids don’t have any money anyways!

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Facebook for sure. I can find about 90 percent of my contacts on there and buy and sell all day.

I resisted the Social Media world like the plague as long as possible, but doing REI sucked me into the vortex. I like Twitter for ease of use, but the platform isn't that conducive to REI. My Social Media game is WEAK.I am doing an ALMOST passable job using it but I haven't taken the time to master it...focusing on my Investor Site and networking. One day I'll get there but I don't like the user experience on Facebook, but concede its probably the best platform to use.

Youtube - I use this more than any others. I never adopted FB, Instagram or Pinterest. I rarely use LinkedIn, or Twitter. But personally, I use YouTube for entertainment (music), and information (news, Interests, DIY, etc).

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Hey @VictorNoriega, great to see you here buddy! I’m also probably a bigger YouTube user than anything else.

I do find Facebook to be an increasingly important place to be for a lot of reasons (mainly because everyone else seems to be there), but the real enjoyment comes mostly from YT.

@Sunrise_Buyers I agree on Twitter. No matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t seem like that hot of a platform for real estate. I never seem to get much engagement there... though I’ll be the first to admit, I’m probably just doing something (or a lot of things) wrong.

For me, it's a toss up between Pinterest and Instagram.

I use Facebook too (like everybody else), but I don't appreciate it that much.

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I think it depends on what kind of content you want to consume from a social media experience. I use Twitter for news and Pinterest for reference (like when I need to build something). If I have to choose between the two, though, that would probably be Pinterest. It's more useful, there is less toxicity, and you'd never run out of things to look at. It's practically a rabbit hole.