Importance Of Having A Buying Website

Hi all, I am buying and selling land for about 6 months. I am still only mailing out postcards. I made up my own personal content, which I feel gives a very personal impression. The response I get is pretty decent (although most properties have not much value). Do you recommend creating a buying website? My feeling was it would take away from that personal feel, and I would come across like another one of those marketing mailers… I’d appreciate any feedback!

@gary-sk interesting topic, thanks for sharing!
Being myself a novice, I see websites as something to come for me but not a priority at this stage. That said, if I were 6 months into the business with some “warm-up” deals under my belt, I would probably give a shot to the buying website in order to scale the business and aim to more (and/or more profitable) deals.

About being seen as a marketing mailers, I don’t think that 's the case. At the end, a buying site is just a further and effective way to make the seller’s life easier (and buyer’s one too) . Try to see it from the perspective of the seller: no need for you to hope to find someone on the phone, no uncomfortable feelings associated to talk on the phone to a total stranger or, again, no need to find the time to write an email, without even knowing exactly what to say. Just go to the buyer website, fill the form with the data required by the buyer and wait his answer.

One more thing, just to better understand… when you say that “you made up your own personal content”, where do you show it if not on the buying website? Maybe do you mean that your postcards are very personalized?