Importance of pictures for selling vacant land

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What has been your experience with selling vacant land in the 10-20k range with screenshots from google earth or other sources, versus yourself or someone else going out and taking pictures of the property? Are actual pictures really important and is there a price point where they become more important. I've sold a few properties with screenshots only but they were very cheap properties.


I think pictures are pretty important... there may be some cases when you can get away with screenshots from Google Earth or Google Street View, but in most rural areas, the picture quality won't be great (or won't be available at all). I mean, something is better than nothing, but if you can put a better visual representation out there, it can go a long way in selling a property (especially a more pricey one).

I understand the frustration though... it's kind of a hassle to find a photographer, and there's usually not reliable way to know if their work will be that much better. Usually it turns out fine, but not everyone is great with a camera.

I've got a blog post that can help mitigate some of these issues, you might find it interesting:

And if you're dead set on NOT hiring a photographer, you might find this one helpful too:

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Thanks Seth, makes sense. I would imagine having good pictures is ALWAYS preferable, was just wondering if anyone had any experience selling properties for 10k plus with only screenshots.

I'm going to take a look at those articles, I remember reading them in the past, but it's a good time to re-read :)

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I've done it before. But having beautiful photos is going to get you a lot more buyer leads.

Here's a few things you should also consider about photos:

1) Watermarking -

2) Justin also shares some rules in this episode on good photogrpahy -

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I agree with Seth William. For selling a land pictures play a important role because if someone wants to buy a vacant land with the help of clear and good photos they got an idea of your land. And he takes a decision whether to buy it or not. Offer photographs where the best angles and attributes of the land can be captured.

For cheap rural land under maybe 6-8k i just do street view and earth. Over that price i am sending a photographer out.

I typically post the property on Zillow and FB as soon as the seller signs the deed. If the phone is not ringing off the hook within the first day or so then I will work to get a photographer.

@jawollbrink Hi there! Where do you source your photographers? I have a property in TN that I'd like to get pics of and I've never done that before. Do you just find someone locally on Craigslist or something? Have you ever put together a video like the ones in Seth's modules? I'd love to give something like that a shot too. Thank you so much!!


You can try local buy and sell groups on FB or Craigslist. Also asking other land investors on forums like this because there are some photographer/drone pilots that work in larger regions.

@jawollbrink thank you!!

@wes You have to keep in mind that we’re basically operating an e-commerce real estate business, and it’s a visual medium. The more consistent that your are with your messaging, imagery and content, the more likely you’ll be able to develop your own brand, and that’s a big deal.

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