Importance of the names of Buyers and Seller sites

Hey Everyone -

Just bought the course and am working through module 1. Excellent!
Just wanted advice on names of Buyers and Sellers companies. I think it is important to present a positive image.

Has anyone tested this? I thought about listing my values and benefits to the seller in the name of the business.


@coco did you have any specific ideas in mind?

I would say, try to keep it as short and concise as possible, and make it a name that people will be able to type out and remember without getting it confused or misspelling it too easily.


@coco as you’re mulling over names, consider how it will look as a domain name for your email and in a website url. Should not be any ambiguity on how to spell it for the average literate person and as Seth said, should be easy to remember. Ask some disinterested parties for feedback to factor that input into your decision. Not a monumentally important decision, so don’t make a science project of it, but it is important, not least of which is because you’ll have to like it for as long as you’re in business.


Thanks Sean and Seth. Sound advice. I do tend to over think things and I agree simplicity is important

Buying Website - Family FIR bold with logo outline of me and my 2 kids

Selling Website - Grand Slam Realty
" Committed you Your Success"

I looked at 99Designs to design the Logo. I believe it is worth the investment to look professional

@coco good call on 99designs. I just got a logo from them last week, and I can always walk away with something I like from that site.