Insights Wanted: How to Locate Promising Land Parcels for Storage Facility Development

Hi! I’m Veronica and I’m new around here. I’m very excited to start my venture in the land-flipping business! I’m going to come in with a very niche question here:

I have a long-term goal of building and operating a storage facility, which may seem unrelated as to why I want to flip land. My goals are actually two-and even three-fold…ultimately having a couple or even a few businesses generating income.

I’d like to sell commercial land to buyers and investors in the steel building space - storage/boat/RV facilities, barndominiums, double-wides, private airplane hangers, etc. I also want to be able to find land for my own (future) storage facility.

From what I can tell, these parcels need to be near developing areas - where new apartments and prefab houses are going up. Thoughts? Is there a way to find out where developments are going up? Where is my market? Thanks for any help with this.

@vschnur Review the minutes of the county board of supervisors to find out what new developments are happening.