Invest in the Midwest or North Carolina?

I’m looking at MFH in the Midwest (Ohio, Indiana) as well as North Carolina (a few hours from the coast, mostly to avoid the pain and suffering that comes from hurricane season as best as I can.

It seems like the Midwest can give me a better bang for my buck than North Carolina, but North Carolina just seems like more of a place that people would want to live.

In this case, what factors would you look at to determine which is a better investment strategy? Some friends in real estate have told me to buy where I’d want to live/visit. But I need to have a bit more than that to feel comfortable narrowing my focus to a single area

@land_master Just a couple ideas here, I would probably look into a few stats and residential factors, you could compare both locations based on their population per square mile (US Census map), what is the income tax rate for that state, look at the average income for people living there, etc.
Then you can have a better idea of what is best for your money or investment.

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