Investor friendly Title company in Gilmer County Georgia needed

Does anyone have a investor friendly Title Company they could suggest for Gilmer County Georgia? I want to do a double closing

@quickbuyland You’re likely going to have a tough time trying to find an attorney who will do a true double closing with no disclosures required.

The attorney I use for Georgia will do back-to-back closings with no disclosures required. You’ll have to pay a bit more in closing costs and provide your own flash funding but it avoids all the complications inherent in true double closing with pretty much all the same benefits.

@quickbuyland try this company, I’m not sure about double closing but they will perform an assignment.
Diane Swanger
Closing Secretary for
Clifford S. Lancey
Attorney at Law
15 North Avenue
Ellijay, Ga 30540
Direct: 706-276-2248
Office: 706-276-2233
Fax: 706-276-2244
Email: [email protected]

@jt Thank you so much