Is it possible to opt out of getting a title policy when buying land using a realtor and title company?

Has anyone done this?

Iv self closed a few deals direct from seller but when the seller wants to use a title company they make me get a title policy.

@ramrodd This is correct. I’ve never found a title agency that will do a closing without selling a title policy. I don’t know if that’s an industry requirement or just a widely adopted practice.

@laurie I’ve also never seen this happen, where you can opt-out of title insurance when using a title company to close. It might even be a liability protection issue for the closing agent to make sure they’re doing it right and that the buyer/seller doesn’t even try to come back and sue them (I’m not 100% sure about that, it’s just a thought).

@ramrodd Never heard of a Title Company closing without insurance. That is their business and where they make their money. You might be able to find an attorney that will close for you without a title policy. An independent escrow company (not affiliated with a title insurer) might also work.

@ramrodd title insurance protects the buyer. So it’s their choice. their agent won’t let them close without it as there’s professional liability created.