Is dead? (Included some traffic insights) Exploring New Lead Generation Channels

We’ve had over 10 listings for 4 months I haven’t had a single landflip lead since September. When we first started in 2020 landflip was fantastic and most of our leads came from there. Now we’re a solid mix of MLS and network. We are also on landsearch but that hasn’t been great either (only $50 bucks/mon though).

Has anyone felt the same or had the same experience lately on landflip? Where are y’all getting your leads from these days?

I checked SEM rush for traffic details and seems they get about 23k per month. But compared to landsearch and its not even close!

Traffic All time Landflip

Traffic last 2 years

Traffic Last 2 years

@brendanch is that 23K of traffic for the entire website? If so, that’s really quite low.

Search volume to buy or rent ANY kind of real estate is down a lot from where it was a year ago, so I can’t say I’m surprised by what you’re saying.

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@donyost Yes that’s for the whole domain last month.

@brendanch and are getting millions per month, and it’s free to list with landsearch, provided you don’t care about any special promotions.

Granted, most of this traffic isn’t relevant to you.

All that really matters is the traffic searching through the markets where your properties are located, but just for comparison’s sake, looking solely at traffic volume, LandFlip doesn’t really compare to and