Is there a Deal / Wholesale Marketplace? I Have Money But Not Time

I have been through the Retipster program a few years ago. I did well with it and believe in the program.

These days I don’t have a lot of time but do have money. I remember people talking about wholesale deals around here.

Are there any links where I can browse deals, or do you know of any mailing lists I can get on to have the option to invest in properties?

Any help would be appreciated.

@christopher-white are you looking to help other land investors fund their deals in a JV approach? Or lend money to other land investors? Or are you looking for turnkey vacant lots that you can buy and own 100% yourself (the stuff that other land flippers can’t or don’t want to buy)? There are many ways to deploy cash into land deals, but you’d need to be pretty clear on what you’re looking for.