Is There a Safe Way to Use Texting in Land Investing?

I’m relatively new to land investing and am considering using texting as a lead generation strategy. It’s worked for a fellow investor who actually started texting from his phone, then moved into launch control. However, when looking up “Is cold texting illegal” I’m seeing a consistent answer of yes, even with an opt out option. Has anyone discovered a way around or approaching with a different strategy?

@pinevest I know of people in Massachusetts who have been given hefty fines for unsolicited texts. I don’t do it.

From what we hear in the world of software, it seems that carriers are coming down hard on blind mass texting. I believe this is going to follow the footsteps of email marketing - explicit opt-ins.

Legal or not, mass texting is an invasive way to start any relationship. I can’t think of a worse way to build trust with a stranger than to invade their personal device, uninvited.

At least a phone call allows you to infuse more personality into the conversation and mail isn’t nearly as disruptive.

When it comes to lead generation strategies like cold texting for property investors in Texas, it’s essential to navigate legal considerations carefully. While some investors have found success with texting, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with laws such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This legislation prohibits unsolicited text messages to consumers without prior consent, even if an opt-out option is provided.

To avoid legal issues, property investors in Texas can consider alternative strategies such as targeted advertising, networking through real estate events and platforms, or partnering with reputable real estate agents who have access to potential Texas land buyers. By focusing on building relationships and providing value to potential leads, investors can establish credibility and attract interested buyers without risking legal repercussions.