Is this the right Delinquent Tax List?

I called a tax department this morning asking for a tax delinquent list. The person who answered the phone shared the Delinquent Tax Payment Options landing page with me. Is this the same thing as a delinquent tax list? I’m assuming not, because I think you have to individually look up the property as opposed to just getting a list.

Could I alternatively put in a range of street numbers and get a list of tax delinquent properties?

@freefellowship It sounds like they either,

a. Don’t understand what you’re asking for (maybe they think you’re a property owner who is trying to pay off their own taxes?) or possibly…
b. They don’t want to give you what you’re asking for and they’re giving you the runaround.

I’ve experienced both. If it’s situation A, you could call back, try to get someone else and re-word or re-phrase your request until they finally figure out what you’re talking about (and more importantly, they find the right person who can actually give you what you’re asking for).

Or if nothing else works, you could just ditch this county and try another one. Sometimes that’s ultimately the easier path.

OR… you could just ditch the delinquent tax list altogether and use a data service that doesn’t have a delinquent tax filter. There are pros and cons to that approach as well.

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