ISO: Drone Pilots, Photographers and Videographers

Hey everyone! We’re building a list of drone pilots, photographers, and videographers around the US who can be hired to get great imagery of our properties.

If you’ve ever bought, sold, or researched a property that wasn’t within driving distance, you know how useful it is to have a good visual portrayal of what a property looks like.

If you’ve ever worked with a professional in this space who did a great job, we all want to know about them! Please submit their info in this form, and we’ll add them to the list!

drone pilots videos photography

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Great idea. I wonder how difficult it will be to maintain this kind of list.

Some of these drone pilots come and go from the business pretty quickly. Anyhow, it’s still a great thing to try. Thanks for doing this for us!

I’ve had great success with using a Facebook group called “I Need a Drone Pilot.” Similar groups exist. Just post where and what kind of pics you need and you’ll get swarmed. You can tell the serious operators vs hobbyists trying to make a couple bucks. But they know they’re competing so they give good prices. Even in rural locations I get drone, video and few street-level shots for like $150-200 done within a week.

I think I highjacked your post, you’re compiling a list, not necessarily the how to…


That is GOLD! Thanks for sharing this!

Maybe I’ll join that group and see if I can get some new contacts added to our list.

Whether the people in our community find what they need from our list, that FB group, or some other source, I’m all for it!