Issues with DataTree data?

I just signed up for DataTree a couple of days ago but came across something that's a little concerning. I ran a search within a particular county and exported the list. One of the properties in the search results shows the following data currency on DataTree's site:

Looks like it should be pretty current to me, but the issue is, the county's website shows that the party DataTree still lists as the current "Owner" actually sold the property to someone else in October 2019. Wouldn't sales show up within one of the Transactions datasets that DataTree says they refreshed in July? How could they have missed a sale that happened nearly a year ago if they just pulled current data a few weeks ago? Have others found issues like this, and if so, how common is it? Coming across an error like this within the first two or three properties that I happened to drill down into has me concerned about the reliability of using this approach for mailing.

I think the best option would be to reach out to your DataTree Account Manager (if you don't know their contact information, you can email [email protected]). DataTree has a data team specifically for inquiries like yours, where they will investigate the question/concern/issue and get back to you within a few days. Hope this helps!

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@dl7573 what ever came of this? Did you find more discrepancies? What response did you get from DataTree?

@dl7573 I was going to subscribe tomorrow after my 72 hrs trial but at this point I’d like to know how it went for you and if someone else has ever experienced something like that…maybe there is an explanation but if that’s not the case, i consider this quite unacceptable :man_shrugging:t2:

Check with your Data Tree agent to be sure but I think what you’ll find is the data displayed is the most recent activity for that particular classification of records for that county (at least that is what I seem to remember being told by DT agent I spoke to when initially signing up). I.e. the most recent Deed recorded as of the early August 2020 initial thread posting date / Data Tree query was July 27, 2020 (only about a week or two old). And, I don’t think it is the activity date for the specific property being viewed in Data Tree. And, it is not necessarily an indication that all record of that type will be that current. Although a property may have been sold in October 2019, it may not have been presented for recoding until many month’s later - maybe the county is way behind recording and the most recent deed recorded was 7/27/20 but they have whole stack of deeds from months ago to catch up on?