Land Funding Request Form Feedback Requested

Hello. I’m seeking your constructive feedback on my Land Funding Request Form. I want it to be simple, informative, and user-friendly for land investors that are seeking acquisition funding for their land investments. Thanks in advance everyone!

@reid-kurtenbach I could only see the first two pages of the form without filling out any fields, but one thought that came to mind on the first page was to make the user answer “yes” or “no” to each of your criteria.

For example, instead of just listing out your criteria the way you did (which makes it pretty easy to overlook or just ignore, because it’s a sizable list of items), you could ask those questions one by one…

1. Select the property type:

  • Beachfront
  • Commercial
  • Farm
  • etc

2. Is this property in a flood zone?

  • Yes
  • No

3. What type of legal access is available?

  • Paved road access
  • Dirt road access
  • Easement / Right of way
  • No access

…you get the idea.

This way, you could avoid any people saying they didn’t see part of your criteria (if they have to answer everything, it’s impossible to miss it). And if they are dishonest about the deal, you’ve got a digital record of it.

I also thought the video was a nice touch.

@retipsterseth Thanks for the thoughtful and constructive feedback.