Land Intake Site Templates - Non WordPress? Key Elements?

I see a lot of wordpress templates used for land buying/selling sites. I’ve done website development before, so I’d prefer to just make one myself using tools I’m used to. That being said, are there non wordpress templates y’all have used?

I mention wordpress since that’s what comes up in @retipsterseth Land Masterclass

A better question is, what key info do you put on the buying site? Stick to one page? Besides a form do you have other info about your business? Just want to make sure I’m keeping things streamlined but at the same time trustworthy

@land_master I used to use AgentPress Pro for this, which is a pretty basic theme that you can pay for once (no ongoing payment) and then tweak to your heart’s content IF you know how to do that sort of thing.

I put together a video on how to set it up for a buying website years ago. All the same information should still apply for the most part.

If you’re looking for a template for the questions to ask on your submission form (in the case of a buying website), you can get the exact form I used on my site here: Sell Your Property Submission Form (Gravity Forms Template)

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