Land investing course

Hi, I’m new in here, just registered this site so I hope that I post in the right place.
I wanted to know if the land investing course fits for out of state investors that has zero experience?

@hadas, thanks for asking! I put the course together assuming that you don’t know anything. That includes out-of-state investors with zero experience.

That said, if you get into it and find unanswered questions about a scenario you’re going through, I would strongly encourage you to let us know about it at [email protected]. We can either point out exactly where the answer is in the course or add whatever is needed to include the answers.

The goal is to make it everything you’ll need to get up and running. If there are opportunities to add more value to it, we take that very seriously!

@retipsterseth that’s great, thank you. One more question please, on what time do you usually have the monthly office hours?

@hadas I’m not only “out of State”…I live out of US…it is the right fit for everyone

@hadas the next one is happening this week Wednesday (the 28th) at 12pm Eastern time. They typically happen on the last full week of each month. We always send out an email announcement to all active members about a week before they happen.