Land Investing in Arkansas Counties

Is anyone having luck with flipping land in Arkansas? I’m trying to do my first deal and would like to get a cheap property from a site like or others and I’m seeing a lot of very cheap properties that seem to have a small margin for profit but overall I’m just wondering if anyone is having luck in counties where properties are very cheap such as Jefferson County and Crittenden County. Thank you

@sammaris2021 why not take the usual route of sending out direct mail and buying your properties directly from the owners? I know it’s more work that way, but you’ll have a much more secure profit margin if you can name your price instead of paying another flipper who has already found the original, ultra-cheap opportunity.

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@donyost I would want to do that eventually but I want to do at least one deal before I start direct mail just so I can learn the business and see if I want to keep doing it.

@sammaris2021 I’ve got a few lots in Arkansas that I’d be willing to give to you to market and sell. The only catch is there are a couple lots that require a monthly HOA fee. Let me know if you’re interested.

Can you send me the details to [email protected], thank you

@sammaris2021 sent you an email with subject “Free Arkansas Lamd”


I purchased one property in Arkansas in Boone County a few months ago. It was pretty cheap. I’ve had it for sale for a little over 2 months now. It seems like a quiet market to me. I had a few inquiries and only 1 offer so far. I felt the offer was too low and he wouldn’t come up in price, so I’m holding out now.