Land investing in Canada

Anyone here has experience in Land investing in Canada? I want to know how to get the list of people who are defaulting in their property tax payments so that I can reach out to them and make an offer.

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@stephen I heard a couple of times Seth talking briefly about this topic himself somewhere…maybe on some of Retipsters podcast episodes. What I heard is that despite the almost infinite amount of beautiful, wild and green land (…yeah…truth is that I still don’t understand what people see in those pieces of US desert in the middle of nowhere…:face_with_rolling_eyes:), CAN, dıfferently from US, is all but open to release public data around and I believe this could make the due diligence a real nightmare. I also believe that for this same reason you could fınd some resistance to pull out the list you look for but it would be interesting to hear from some Canadian here - if any is part of the Masterclass.

@stephen as @Arturo mentioned, I did spend quite a bit of time looking into this a few years ago.

For what we do, the issue ultimately boils down to a lack of access to the data we would need to pull the lists and do property research.

The United States has kind of a unique situation, in that property ownership data is publicly available through the Freedom of Information Act. Other countries may have similar things that allow citizens to request information from the government, but not to the level of getting property ownership and sales data.

From the conversations I had, I believe you can actually get access to this information if you’re a licensed Realtor in Canada (I was told by one person that basically has a monopoly on Canadian real estate data), but if you aren’t operating in that system, you’re out of luck.

Now keep in mind, I don’t think I ever truly got to the bottom of the situation in Canada. I’m an outsider and similar to the challenge of getting a delinquent tax list here in the US, there’s a fair chance I just never found the right person and/or I failed to ask the right probing questions. I don’t want to say definitely that it’s impossible, I just reached the point of exhaustion in my research. There may (or may not) be other ways to get lists of pending foreclosures, utility shut-offs, delinquent tax lists, and the like - I just didn’t get that far. And there definitely weren’t any services like DataTree or AP247 that could make the process easy.

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@arturo Thank you, appreciate your response.

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@retipsterseth Thank you for that insight. I will try to get it touch with few realtors to see if they have access to such information. If I find out more, I will update this forum.

@stephen…Tipsters! let’s go and colonize CANADA once for all :grin: