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I think Seth’s blog posts are fantastic! As a potential new land investor, I giving Seth’s Land Investing Masterclass strong consideration; however, I have some major concerns:

  1. I have heard that Seth reuses his articles to fill out his course material. Is this true? Is over 50% of the course content simply recycled blog articles?

  2. Does the course at all go into excruciating detail regarding the ebb and flow, and the art of actually talking to sellers? What to look for when talking, negotiating, how to deal with all personality types. Essentially does it offer a complete walkthrough as far as the actual conversations and follow up with property owners?

  3. The exclusive forum that the course provides, is it very active? Would I be able to reach out and have questions answered, and potentially even have partners in a deal whether it’s Seth or a slew of experienced investors? For instance, once I actually start talking to sellers, and I have questions, would there be a solid chance of receiving good advice on the paid forms?

  4. Is there more money to be had in the selling of land investing courses than the actual business of land flipping itself? Why would someone want to create more competition for themselves? I must admit, I might be short-sighted due to my employee mindset, so please I ask that you do not read any ill intent into this.

  5. Is the market too saturated as a result, and that’s why there are all these courses and gurus as of late? Could it be that I mistaken, and it’s really a blue ocean out there? Once again, I must admit I’ve never been nothing but an employee, so please excuse me if I may sound rash or rude. I’m just an analytical person who would love to experience freedom of time, and schedule.

  6. For anyone who has taken Seth’s course Land Investing Masterclass? Does it really cover literally everything to make a full-time income with part-time work? I know many courses I’ve heard only offer bits and pieces, and love to upsell coaching or add-ons in order to “get to the next level”.

Lastly, thank you for your time.

Hey @Astyanax, thanks for those thoughtful questions!

  1. This is accurate to a point. You’ll definitely find some course content on the blog. However, the course offers all of the regularly paid products from the blog (stuff you’ll find in the store, which are available to buy from various blog posts) for free in the course. You’ll also find a lot of videos in the course that can’t be found elsewhere on the blog. A big part of the value you’re getting in the course is organization. You can certainly find some of it on the blog, but it’s all over the place, because the blog was never meant to provide a 1-2-3, A-Z course on everything you’d need to know. That’s the whole reason I made the course, was to show people everything they needed to see and nothing they didn’t (along with all the downloadable assets to get started). Does that make sense?

  2. Yes

  3. Historically, yeah, it’s been pretty active. I will say, we just migrated our entire forum to a new software, so we’ve been working on a few bugs. April has been a less active month than usual, but it will pick up as we get things ironed out. You can always post questions and tag me in the private forum if you need to get my attention and I’ll respond as soon as I’m able to.

  4. That depends on the course creator, their motivations and a lot of other factors. Just speaking for myself, I run REtipster because it’s a lot of fun for me. I love the work, and I love playing a part in changing people’s lives in a big way. I do well enough selling some courses, but I know many land investors who make much more money purely flipping land. Interestingly, the best land investors I know either aren’t particularly gifted at teaching this stuff (being skilled at something doesn’t necessarily make you a good instructor), or they simply have no interest in it. I’ve found that I’m pretty good at explaining concepts in a way anyone can understand, and it’s fun for me, so that’s what I choose to spend a lot of my time doing now! I also do enough, see enough, know enough, and maintain enough relationships with others to be very educated about what does and doesn’t work right now.

  5. It’s gotten a lot more competitive, yes. In fact, if you’re adhering to the same basic land-flipping model everyone has been doing for the past 15 years, I think it’s harder now than it’s ever been. I wouldn’t even say it’s a blue ocean anymore UNLESS you change up the recipe and do something different. You could change the way you’re looking for motivated sellers (stop direct mail and start something else), you could change up your plan for the property (maybe add some improvements instead of selling it as-is), you could start assigning and double closing instead of just taking title and waiting to sell it, you could start working exclusively with funders, so you can go after much larger deals… There are many ways to change up the recipe… but I’d recommend doing something to differentiate yourself from the same vanilla model all the gurus are teaching. That’s precisely where you’ll find the most competition, but if you veer into a different lane (even though it’s on the same road, mind you), it opens up quite a bit.

  6. I’ll let others chime in here. I’d actually love to hear if someone finds something that wasn’t covered because I’ll add it! I can confidently say we have no coaching upsells in the course (I talk about this at the very beginning of the course). My goal with the course was to give you all of it, without stringing you along and making you pay for anything else. Granted, some people still want coaching anyway, and for those people, I point them to some of the coaches I trust, but if your goal is to learn the business and get started on the right foot without spending tens of thousands, you should be able to find all of it in the course.

Again, great questions! Let me know if I can explain anything else.


Seth gave you an insightful and detailed response. I would simply add the following: aside from obtaining a good coach, I would vote for Seth’s course as the best value for the money, by a long shot. I of course am not familiar with all the other courses available, but I don’t mind claiming that you cannot go wrong with the RE TIPSTER Masterclass.
FYI, I took the course in 2019 and also paid for one on one coaching. For me, this got me jumpstarted such that I was doing deals within 6 months and since then have consistently made enough money to make a significant difference for me and my family these past 5 years, even though it remains a side hustle. Seth is a dedicated teacher and offers a professional, detailed, and polished masterclass. Btw, I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this review! (But am open to offers :wink:


I started in 2019 with Seth’s course and haven’t looked back. It’s a great course, and I agree with the detailed response that Seth provided here. The only thing I would add, is that it’s really important to get plugged into one or more Mastermind groups where you can share ideas, ask questions, solve problems, and more. Some of these are free of charge, and others are paid memberships. If you’re serious about this business you’ll need a good mastermind, especially when you’re just getting started. Hope that helps.


Seth is a Giver + a Wealth of Knowledge! I highly respect + trust Seth.

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