Land investors from out of the Country?

Hello Everyone,

my name's Arturo, thanks for having me here. I'm Italian, currently living in Turkey, and new to the to US RE business in general and to the US Land Business in particular. Nevertheless I've been educating myself since a couple of months ( was a real blast) and I decided to make a further step and join the Masterclass Family by the end of March.

I currently wonder how many of you - if any - run their business from out of the Country. I'd like to connect, share, discuss and better understand the block roads that an out of Country investor is inevitably going to face while building his/her land business and, more importantly, the most effective ways to work around those.

I wish you all a great day!


Hey @arturo, we actually had a couple of conversations with international land investors on the podcast recently. I wanted to record these episodes specifically for people like you, because I know there are a lot of overseas investors trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together. You might want to check these out:

There are some issues that can be simplified if you’re a U.S. citizen (like setting up a bank account, for instance) but even if you’re not, there are always workarounds… this is part of what Matt and Alicia talked about in episode 092. They are non-citizens working from Australia, you might find that one interesting.

@retipsterseth thank you very much, I appreciate your answer.

Actually, I have a running LLC (with an Italian manager living in the US for the admin part and a CPA taking care of all the “tax report” related topics), a US bank account and I just subscribed yesterday with Nextiva and “engineering” my call flow on there as we speak)). I don’t know if I have to expect other little bumps as a foreigner investor (nothing pops up in my mind actually) and, in case, which ones, so to be ready to respond properly.

I listened to the podcast with Kevin (who has been also incredibly kind on Facebook messenger, giving himself available in case of any issue I might find in the future), and to tell the truth the podcast with Alicia was one of the first I listened on the subject “land” but i should definitely go through it again now and see it under some different light.

Again, thanks for your presence and advice.

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Hello! I am also out of country from Canada and new. Glad to see others that are international also!

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@daanish78 ciao!!:grin: You already in the game or just started?

@arturo I just started,

How about yourself?

@daanish78 same Man, especially from an out of Country investor standpoint this is definitely the most profitable and sustainable form of RE investment in US so i went for it and happy i did. I currently read fb posts (lot of land groups there), watch videos, listen to retipster podcast and attend the course.


goodluck ob your journey! keep in touch buddy!

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@daanish78 same to you. Will do​:wink::+1:

Hey Arturo,

I am an American living in Peru. I have done house flips, rental homes, and built a profitable land business while living here. There a few difficulties to face but it is doable.