Land registration requirements for public register?

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a great new year. I have a client who would like to offer on a piece of land in New Mexico. He has asked me the following questions

  1. What ID/documentation is required to register the land?
    2)Does it need to be in his name or can it be registered in his company name?
  2. What information will be available on the public register, ie is it just his name or also private address and or any other personal info?

I suspect this might all vary depending on the state but if anyone can
help it would be much appreciated. It would also be good to have a general idea for future sales in other states.

Many thanks in advance and have a great day!



The property can be registered in whatever name the buyer wants. Same thing for the address. Whatever person/entity name and address is listed on the deed is what they should expect to show up in the public records. This is one reason to use an LLC in the first place, if you want to add a bit of personal privacy and not put your home address in a place where anyone can see it.

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@charlotteirwin Thanks Charlotte, that is very useful information.