Land Sales Across State Borders - Understanding Legal Obligations

Our company is registered in Wyoming. We are selling a parcel in NC and the Attorney is asking us to submit the registration with the Secretary of State of NC with legal representation in NC since we live outside of the US. Do you have any recommendations?

Do we have to do that for every state that we work in?

@landinggrp I wonder if this is a NC thing? I’ve never heard of that when doing a one-off deal in a new state, since, by most standards, this doesn’t quite constitute “doing business” in a new state. It could be this attorney is overreaching, or maybe it’s because you reside outside of the US. I’m honestly not sure.

You could try telling him that this is a one-off deal (assuming it is) and since you’re not regularly doing business in NC, you don’t have legal representation in NC.

Another option might be to work with someone like Tony Durante, who specializes in this kind of thing when an investor doesn’t reside inside the US. I’m not sure if he would fit the bill of legal representation, but even if he doesn’t, I’m sure he could give you some ideas on how to resolve this issue.