Landglide vs Mapright

Does anyone have experience with both Landglide and Mapright that can share the differences between the two?

@brian-formosa I’ve only tinkered around with LandGlide, but I believe it’s built on the same system as Parlay (which I use every day). Parlay is a great add-on to have for Google Earth.

MapRight is also a great tool. There is definitely some overlap between what MapRight and Parlay do, but there are some differences too. MapRight is more expensive on a yearly basis and it’s all browser-based, whereas Parlay is based on Google Earth Desktop (and LandGlide is a similar thing to Parlay, but it’s all on your mobile device).

If my primary concern was due diligence and I could only have one, I’d probably go with MapRight… but that’s not to say it’s “perfect” at everything it does. It basically just pulls in map data from a lot of different sources and makes it easier to see and use in one place.

Both can be useful for people who need help finding your properties on-side, if/when they want to visit it before buying. I think MapRight is a bit easier for this specific purpose, but they can both do it.

You might find these two videos helpful (I don’t have anything on LandGlide, because I just don’t use it enough).

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I haven’t tried Landglide, but Mapright has the ability to show wetlands on its map. I haven’t seen many other tools that can show parcel lines, wetlands, elevation lines, flood zones, and zoning all on a single image for a quick preliminary due diligence check.