Lead Mining Pros: Anyone work with them?

Had anyone worked with LeadMiningPros.com before? If so, what was your experience like with them? I keep seeing stuff about them all over FB, and not sure if they’re legit or good at what they do.

@donyost I used them for a while, but dropped the use of their service. While they are not a scam, I did not find they brought the kind of value I was looking for. How it works is that you buy a certain number of calls from them, say 1000. Then you upload your list. Well, they call each person 3 times across 24/36 hours. So your list is really 1/3 the size you think it is. They won’t leave voicemails either, so if they never connect your out of luck. Ended up being meaningfully more expensive per lead than a good mailer.