Lease renewal and signature


I want to create and send a residential lease RENEWAL agreement to my tenant for a property in FL. I tried rocketlawyer to create a lease renewal, however to the lease renewal, I am not able to add the original lease agreement as exhibit. Any ideas on how to go about it and what software to use to create and send over the docs for e-signatures?

Thank you in advance

@inventivebuyer are you not able to reference an “Exhibit A” in the renewal and then just add the original lease to the back of the renewal? That’s usually how I’ve seen it done.

@retipsterseth , I am trying to get rocketlawyer to work and I must say that I am terribly disappointed:

  1. There is no option to attach a document that is already signed (original lease ) as addendum. When you try a work around all of the esignatures on the original document vanish

  2. I have been on a support call to get my esignature to work on just the renewal document. Essentially, I want to e-sign first before sending out to tenants. I keep running into errors. Tried different browsers and the support person cannot seem to figure out. One would think it is very basic?

@inventivebuyer I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Rocket Lawyer. Here are some ideas to consider…

  1. Is it possible to save your Rocket Lawyer document as a pdf, then scan in your original lease and simply combine the two pdfs together? I’m not sure what operating system you’re using, but if you’re on a Mac, it’s very easy to do this in the Preview app (just drag and drop). Otherwise, you could print out both and scan them together as one.

  2. When I’m signing documents, I don’t rely on Rocket Lawyer for their e-signature functionality. For that kind of thing, I use something like PandaDoc, which is designed specifically for this kind of thing. Alternatively, if you’re using any kind of property management system (something like TenantCloud or Avail), you should be able to handle 100% of this process from within their software. That might be another route to consider. If you’ve got one of those systems in place, you wouldn’t even need to get Rocket Lawyer involved.

Sorry again for the speedbumps. I hope you’re able to get it worked out!