Letterprinting.com or Pebble? looking for comparison in terms of mailer rates.

I’m looking to start my mailers and wanted to see how this two services compared on their mailer rates and ease of use (i know pebble charges a monthly fee for the crm which i’m ok with).

Pebble has better rates, and because of the increasing volume they are pushing to the mail house, they just negotiated an even lower price for all the various options.


@sean-callahan Do you by any chance know Pebbles rates on postcards? I wasn’t able to find it on the website.

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@paulomunera I am a newbie and have started using Rocket mail, I used them in my previous retail jewelry store, their customer service is second to none.

Hi @sempervirens ,

Pebble just started post cards, full color front and back starting at $0.44/mailer (no minimums). A cool aspect is you can even embed an image of the property on there.

For letters they start at $0.49/mailer with no minimums. You should book a chat with their founder Jessey and he can provide you more insight: www.rei-pebble.com.

I hope that helps!


@paulomunera - we’re more than just a mail/print service - but there’s a few things that set us apart from something like Letterprinting.com

Daily Mail Drip - when it comes to scaling a business, there needs to be predictability in the amount of leads that come in. This means you’re not blasting out 1000 mailers and praying you’ll get the time to go through all the calls, leads, and researching/due diligence all while trying to handle all the other leads at the same time.

Verified Mailing - we scrub up against USPS to look for undeliverible. We reject those before they go out and before you get charged.

No minimums - especially when you’re growing, we’re not forcing our users to send a minimum. You can send one contract, 20 neighbor letters, to 10,000 offers at once - you still get access to our discount bulk mailing rates

Midway Campaign Edit - Unlike other systems, where once you send off your mailers, your a commited. Inside of Pebble, because we drip out mailers daily, you can pause at any time, adjust offers or fix anything you have made a mistake on. Offer adjustments have been huge especially if you’re getting no leads - and increasing offers

Any kind of mailing - Offers, Neighbor Letters, Contracts, Deeds, Thank You Cards… you can send anything with a click inside of REI Pebble

We just lowered our rates again, introduced Postcards and Bifolds…

Not only that - no mail merging, the process is streamlined directly from your data source! (data tree, agent pro, prycd, etc)

Check more about our latest mailing announcement in our update roundup here:

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And feel free to book a demo with me Paulo :slight_smile:
[Pebble | The Land Flipping CRM](link url)

Just hit the 'Book a tour’ button at the top!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@sempervirens you can find the rates directly here: