Liability Insurance for Desert Squares: Buyer's Responsibility?

Do you carry land insurance on desert squares? I have done this on infill lots (that were sold on terms) but not on desert squares.

Does anyone require their terms buyers to verify a liability insurance policy on the land?

@suitedconnector We increased our general liability policy. I only ask for insurance on bigger parcels. But typing this makes me realize it doesn’t make sense. Just as much risk on one acre as 500. I thought I had it figured out by selling on a mortgage and doing a deed transfer right away. But that makes the default recovery more complicated. Now I think I want to add an insurance premium to the note or require them to get it themselves. I got some bad and conflicting advice when I started. Never revisited. Thanks for stirring this up.

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@steve-hodgdon Title Co.'s FSBO Escrow paperwork has a clause for $1M liability to be provided by the buyer.

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@suitedconnector thanks! Always learning

@steve-hodgdon Me too, I just came across that after the title company told me they can handle the docs. I might still have an attorney draft the final but the info from their Escrow Order doc was helpful.

@steve-hodgdon Who is your insurance company?