Listing FSBO on Zillow

Does anyone know of a reputable and dependable service to get your land listed on MLS so that one would be able to list their land on Zillow/ Trulia without hiring a real estate agent?

I’ve read about these services that will do this for a pretty small fee, but most of them have mixed reviews and I’m not sure if the positive reviews are real to be honest.


I like using Homecoin for $95 a listing, but it is only in select states.

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They do not serve the state I’m in. Does anyone have any other ideas/ providers?


@robere I haven’t listed in a while on Zillow but I never needed an MLS listing for that. If that’s a new requirement then try


I have used Jack Keller but I believe he is only in Florida.


I think Homelister might be for the entire United States. Try them. All of these companies do basically the same thing. You pay a one time flat fee and they post your listing to the MLS as well as Zillow and other platforms. You write the listing and you control all the inbound inquiries. Once the property is sold you notify the flat fee listing agent or company and they mark it as sold. When I was selling one of my homes a couple of years ago as a flat fee listing, I wrote in the listing that I would pay a 2% sales commission to any agent who brought me a buyer. An agent brought me a buyer and she did all the work. I saved 4% in commissions. I pocketed an extra $16,000 by not using a listing agent. Best of luck to you.

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