Listing on Zillow before buying process done

We would like to buy six properties in a not fully developed neighborhood in Colorado. Best chances to sell to: Long-term investor, developer in the area.

Current status: Seller signed the PA; some calls; he is waiting for us to close the deal with a title company. We have contacted the title company. We have received all documents to sign; just waiting for a final quote from the title company.

Before we sign all documents and close the deal, I would love to have a buyer or prospect for at least one of the six properties that would probably bring back the investment amount (because I suspect that if we buy, we would otherwise sit on the undeveloped land for too long, and the purchase would eat up a large part of our current investment budget).

The neighbor letters (for a possible assignment of the contract) we sent out didn’t produce any responses. I have until mid of July to finally close the deal. Have you ever listed a property on Zillow before it was yours? I mean, we have the purchase agreement… But does it allow me to list them on Zillow? It doesn’t include a marketing clause…
Any other ideas for finding a buyer? Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

@niclas-hk this is why people build buyers lists, so they can find cash buyers quickly, without having to list the property for sale at all.

As for listing it on Zillow, I haven’t tried this in a while because Zillow likes to call and verify your ownership before they’ll display your listing publicly, but I do what you’re describing pretty regularly on Craigslist and Facebook. You could always try that.

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