Listing Properties Prior to buying (Non MLS) for Double Close

First off I see this other post here: but I wanted to specifically know if it is common that flippers are listing properties on landflip, land network once they have a signed purchase agreement to

a) find a buyer for a double close or

b) gauge interest to decide if you want to buy or not.

A bit of an ethical grey area but me and my team are furiously debating it and I wanted to know if anyone else is doing this regularly.

@brendanch I’m sure there are people doing this regularly. Although it probably has a bit to do with the state, because some states make a big deal about non-licensed people not being allowed to do this.

These listing sites have some controls and oversight over verifying the legitimacy of listings and making sure the property, pictures and owner are real, but even though they can, doesn’t mean they do police them. Even those that do police them still can’t catch everything.

Another thing to think about is, just because some may see this as an ethical grey area doesn’t mean it’s objectively wrong or unethical to do. If the seller knows what you’re doing and they’ve said they’re okay with it, is it really a grey area?

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@charlotteirwin Yeah one Idea dropped on me today was to just add it as a clause in the purchase agreement… I suppose that could work but imagine that could lead to some awkward situations. The one concept I think about is how any other product based entrepreneur will create ads to see if there is even interest in the idea before executing on making it.

Our benefit is we’re not Realtors so we’re not nearly as liable but I’ll continue to take a tally, I want to see that its common in this community and beneficial to do. We’re essentially fully list ready by the time we close so but we are engaged in the closing process.