LISTSOURCE - Anyone pulling their lists from here?

Wondering if anybody is using it currently and if the Data is accurate? Thanks.

It’s been several years since I used ListSource. I used them because I would always hear about it on BiggerPockets and from other house wholesalers.

From what I saw of it, there are a few notable advantages:

  1. They had some unique filters that nobody else had at the time.

  2. I could build a one-time list without creating an account and signing up for a big subscription. However, the cost of that list was a bit more expensive per lead, so there was that tradeoff.

  3. ListSource pulls its data from CoreLogic, one of the big three nationwide databases. By contrast, DataTree, PRYCD, PiN, and many others pull their data from First American. So, if you’re ever questioning the data you’ve gotten from those First American connections, ListSource/CoreLogic is a completely different database. It’s not necessarily better, just different, and sometimes there’s value in seeing a completely different take on the same county.

Nowadays, I don’t think the value proposition from ListSource is quite as special as it used to be because there are so many data services offering similar/better filters and options now, but that’s my take on it.


The user interface on ListSource hasn’t been updated for at least the past ten years.

The data may be current, but the design of the site sure isn’t.

I used it years ago for my first couple of lists, but there are much better and cheaper alternatives. Seth lists a bunch of them on this website.