LLC for out of state

Hi all,

I’m a new out of state investor, it’s my first time creating LLC and I’m a bit lost.
For creating LLC I need to have EIN but on the EIN request they are asking for SSN/ITIN which I don’t have, not sure how can I get that?
If I will choose to pay Rocket Lawyer to get my EIN for me, does it include ITIN? anybody know?


@tht once you have your LLC registered, it’s free to get your EIN directly from the IRS. You can see a tutorial on how to do it here.

Most of these corporation registration services will allow you to pay them to “assist” in this process, but as you can see from the video above, it’s pretty easy (and free) if you just know where to go.

@retipsterseth Thanks Seth but I see that on the EIN request I need to provide SSN/ITIN (see it on 01:38) and I don’t have neither

@tht you don’t have a social security number? Are you not a US citizen?

@retipsterseth No, I’m an out of state investor

@tht I’ve never done this myself, so I may be wrong, but I think you’d need to get an ITIN. This is like an SSN for non-US citizens who don’t have this number. I found a little bit more info about it here:

Here’s how you can apply for one: