LLC Foreign Entity

I am in the process of filing for my LLC and, despite my research, am still a bit confused on the foreign entity aspect. I plan on doing business in a state(s) other than the state in which I live as well as establishing an LLC in a different state than the one that I live. Am I then required to file my LLC as a foreign entity in my own state? Alternatively, I have also read of people establishing their LLC in their home state but establishing a DBA in each of the other states that they will be working. Does anyone have any experience/input with this?

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I have an LLC in another state than my residence which required my LLC to file as a Foreign LLC. I am selling land in another state where the LLC has not yet registered. I have gotten different opinions from various investors. Many have said if you don't have a physical presence in the state you don't need to register. My research has found however, that if your LLC is sued or needs to take legal action, it cannot be represented in court unless it is registered as a Foreign LLC and has a Registered Agent (may vary based upon which state).